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Aug. 8, 2017

All There is to Know and Love About Plum Creek in Kyle, TX

One of the most desirable, master planned neighborhoods within the City of Kyle, TX is Plum Creek. This 2,200 acre mixed-zoned community allows resident to live, work and play all within the neighborhood! Plum Creek subdivision has something to offer everyone, at every stage in life. 

Plum Creek was formally known as Mountain City Ranch, and was assembled in the early 1900’s by Richard Van Wyck Negley and his wife Laura Burleson Negley. It was used for grazing goats, cattle, cotton production and recreation. Laura Burleson Negley was the great-granddaughter of General Edward Burleson, the second vice president of the Republic of Texas, and the man who helped found the cities of Austin and San Marcos. The rich heritage and progressive role this family has played has been an integral part of making Hays County better for past, present and future generations. Even the streets of Plum Creek are named after figures in our Central Texas history as a nod of respect to the people that built it so many years ago. In 2006, Hays CISD dedicated Laura B. Negley Elementary School to the district and it resides in the heart of Plum Creek. It is the school for all Plum Creek residents plus several surrounding neighborhoods. 

Plum Creek has so much to offer; parks, playgrounds, Plum Creek golf course, a dog park, two community pools and a huge, beautiful fishing lake with walking/hiking trails. There are neighborhood-wide events throughout the year as well, from Hootenany on the Hill, to Front Porch Days, to the 4th of July Popsicle Run and parade! The homes for sale in Plum Creek seem to create an ambiance like a movie from the 1950’s: the manicured lawns, white picket fences, tree lined streets, and kids outside playing until the sun goes down. The schools are also top notch; Negley Elementary, Barton Middle and Hays High.

Let’s talk about the new home builders that reside in Plum Creek: Bigelow Homes, Centerra Homes and Avi Homes. 

Centerra’s newest offering is called The Peninsula and is nestled in between the 4th and 6th hole of the Plum Creek Golf Course. The living is green and natural and every home is within 500 feet of a greenbelt of trail that connects to the larger trail around the lakes. The community is gated and will have 172 homes once completed. There are three different home site sizes to choose from with energy efficient products to reduce your eco-footprint.

Bigelow Homes offers three unique settings within the neighborhood; The Parks, Live Oak Park and the just released, Promontory. The Promontory is on a bluff of land overlooking Hole 4 on the golf course. The Parks is filled with live oaks, and instead of facing the public streets, all homes face inward with views of the beautifully landscaped park space, where neighbors can congregate and children play. There are nearby Pickle Ball and Bocce Ball courts and the entire area is adjacent to Hole 7 of the golf course. Live Oak Park faces a heavily wooded private park with shady park benches and 100 year old trees.

As you can see, houses for sale in Plum Creek are more than just a “neighborhood”; it is truly a community of its own, where you never have to go far for entertainment, nature and friendly neighborhood activities. 


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Aug. 1, 2017

Whispering Hollow is a Top Pick Subdivision in Buda TX

Scouting homes for sale in Buda? Looking for the perfect family-friendly neighborhood with a playground, pool, maybe some bike trails? Want to be walking distance to a top-rated school and an easy drive from great shopping? Whispering Hollow might be the perfect match for you! Located just west of IH-35, off FM1626, Whispering Hollow offers everything an active family could want. Beautiful homes with spacious floorplans. Plenty of amenities to support a healthy lifestyle. A convenient location offering the best of both worlds. These are just a few things that make this neighborhood a top pick.

Whispering Hollow lies 13 miles south of Austin in the quiet enclave of Buda, recently named the “Outdoor Capital of Texas” by the State Legislature. Buda’s high percentage of parkland makes it a nature lover’s dream. It’s packed with small town charm, hosting annual events like the Buda Lions County Fair and Wiener Dog Races in April, Red, White n’ Buda in July, and Boo-da Halloween in October. Buda has adopted many of Austin’s great traditions, including its own version of First Thursday, as well as a stunning Trail of Lights holiday display. You get all the fun of Austin on a scale that encourages more community interaction and family focus. Buda is also in a prime location for shoppers. Whether you’re visiting the 185,000 square foot Cabela’s (an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise), checking out all your favorites in Southpark Meadows, or bargain hunting at the San Marcos outlets, everything you want is just minutes away.

In addition to its prime location that mixes big city access with small town intimacy, Whispering Hollow boasts tremendous value for homebuyers. At the same price point that Austinites would associate with a cramped two-bedroom bungalow badly in need of some upgrades, this neighborhood offers homes with twice the square footage, modern amenities, and excellent architectural and design details. Bonus rooms, insulated garages, tiled decks, and box-out windows are among the many possible features. The first homes in the area were completed in 2007, and construction is ongoing, so newly built homes continue to be added to the neighborhood. Builders in this subdivision include Standard Pacific, Gehan Homes, Centex Homes, Ryland Homes, and CalAtlantic.

What sets Whispering Hollow apart from similar Buda neighborhoods? First, many homes are located on oversized lots and surrounded by large, mature trees. The community includes access to a gorgeous pool, picnic pavilion, playground, and miles of hiking and biking trails. Elm Grove Elementary, known for its excellent teachers, caring principal, and highly involved parents, is located in the subdivision. Current residents refer to the neighborhood as a big family that looks out for each other. They host their own version of Austin’s South By Southwest (in this case SXWH) with live music and a crawfish boil, as well as Easter and Memorial Day celebrations. The active HOA is extremely dedicated to planning events the entire community will enjoy.

A lengthy list of amenities, great schools, and neighbors that treat you like family? With everything Austin has to offer just up the road? If you’re looking for a high-quality home for sale in Buda, Whispering Hollow is definitely a neighborhood you’ll want to explore. 


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July 22, 2017

New Trend of High-End Housing in San Marcos and Kyle

Hays County is seeing several new "trends" in the housing market, one of which is the building of higher-end communities. Kyle and San Marcos have always been known for their affordability, especially for those that work in Austin but choose not to live there because of the expense. According to Zillow, the current average price of a single-family home for sale in San Marcos is $259,400. The Kyle average is slightly lower, coming in at $223,861. Compare this to the average price of a home in Austin ($409,000), and you can see just how attractive this makes Hays County prices.

Now these two small towns in Hays are taking aim at high-end homes/clientele in two distinctly different communities, giving Austin a run for their money. Builders are targeting professionals and retirees with attractive developments that offer a wealth of amenities and geared towards those that want a fun and active lifestyle within their neighborhood. 

The high-end housing option located in San Marcos, Kissing Tree, is "an active adult 55+ community that is custom built with Texas attitude". Homes start in the mid $200’s and range all the way to the $500’s. There is a plethora of choices in home styles and upgrades offered by the builder Brookfield, enough to satisfy even the pickiest of buyers. The amenities and lifestyle that are offered here will tickle your every fancy. Here just a few of what Kissing Tree has to offer: 18 hole putting course, pickle ball and tennis courts, indoor/outdoor pool, biergarten, fitness center, fire pits, community kitchen, coffee bar, dog park, amphitheater, and MORE. If you desire to live an active, social lifestyle in your retirement years, THIS is the place you can call home!

The other high-end community that has put down roots in Hays County is found on the west side of Kyle. Cypress Forest, where you can "Live your best life!", has homes that range from the $260’s up to the $450’s with varying sized lots. Future plans for this community include a swimming pool, sprayscape for the kids, and a pavilion for gatherings. You’ll love being "rooted in nature" in this neighborhood that features mature trees (saved during the building process) that provide that genuine Hill Country feel.

If you have been considering a "move up" home, or it’s getting close to time you think about retirement, give these two communities consideration. You surely won’t be disappointed! Hays County is on the move!

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July 18, 2017

Tips On Helping Your Parents Buy A Home

It is quite common for people in their later years to buy a new-to-them home. Many people want to downsize once their children have moved out and have purchased homes of their own. The house may feel too large, and regular upkeep becomes problematic. The yard may be too difficult to maintain. Mobility is often an issue, as stairs and narrow halls present new challenges to the homeowners. There are many fantastic homes for sale in Kyle and Buda that can meet their needs. Here are a few ways you can help your parents buy a home:


While looking at all the options available, it can be tempting to get overexcited and forget the problems you are trying to leave behind you. Help steer your parents’ search to smaller homes with smaller yards. Reduce time spent cleaning by having a home with fewer rooms. A small yard, a yard that has been xeriscaped, or any yard with a landscape design that requires very little watering and maintenance is ideal to the homeowner looking to simplify their lifestyle. 

Single Story Living

Two story homes are wonderful, until you are struggling to carry things up and down staircases. Single story, ranch style homes are the perfect choice for people who have begun to experience mobility issues, or in anticipation of issues in the near future. Choose a home that has as few stairs and trip hazards as possible. Similarly, if the home has hallways, make sure they are wide enough to accommodate mobility aids such as canes, crutches and wheelchairs. A Texas ranch home is an attractive option in general, but especially for those looking for functionality and safety in a house.

Request A Home Warranty

Unexpected expenses can be a nightmare, but especially so for people living on a fixed income. During the purchase process, request a home warranty that covers major systems such as your electrical and plumbing, your air conditioning unit, as well as your appliances. Everything may seem fine and might pass inspection when you are looking at a property- but there is no way to know when something is going to break down until it does. If anything major were to fail, a home warranty pays for itself quite quickly. 

New Homes

Wary of potentially buying someone else’s problems? There are many new, beautiful homes for sale in Buda and Kyle. With a new home, you don’t have to worry about the age of the pipes, the wear and tear on the roof and the condition of the foundation. What you see is what you get, and you might not have to worry about maintenance and financial surprises for years. 

Financial Assistance

There are various ways you can help your parents during the buying process, and after, that would make life easier for them. Look into the pros and cons of cosigning on a property with them, or covering the down payment. After the home is bought, you can purchase a subscription for regular lawn service or even invest in HVAC maintenance for their system. 

Helping your parents buy a home can be challenging, but these tips should make the process less stressful. One of the most important things you can do is to team up with an excellent Realtor to guide you and your parents through the process. There are many things to consider, and having a professional by your side makes a world of difference. It is the best way to ensure that the property they choose to invest in is the right one for them today, and well into the future.



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July 10, 2017

Helpful Tips on Leasing a Home or Apartment in Austin

If you are considering venturing into the world of leasing a home or apartment here in the Austin area, here are some facts and also some tips/tricks to getting you into that home you want!

MYTH: You shouldn’t use a real estate agent to assist you because they will cost you extra money.

THIS IS FALSE! Using a Realtor is 100% free to you! You never pay any Realtor’s fees: the owner of the home does. Use an agent for all their knowledge to help guide you through the often tedious and time consuming application process. They have the best access to time-sensitive listings and can quickly set up showings for you to see the home. Oftentimes people research for lease listings online, but by the time they want to see the home, it’s already gone. Using a real estate agent who has access to the up-to-date MLS system is a much more quick and efficient way to see a home sooner which increase your chances that it will be yours!

FACT: Know your credit. There are many free websites to check your score if you’re not quite sure where you land on the scale. Most landlords will require a score above 540. If your score is below this marker, you may want to consider taking some time to work on your credit before potentially wasting deposit fees on homes that you are just not qualified for. In addition to the credit check, a background check will also be run on you. 

FACT: Be prepared with at LEAST 2 months of paystubs or bank statements (if you are self-employed). These will need to be submitted, along with your application and application fees that are collected. Please note that you are required to make at least 2.5 to 3 times the rent, in income, per month. 

FACT: Pet breeds MATTER! If you have pets, please know the weight and breeds. "Mixed breed" will not count, as you must be specific. Many homeowners have breed and size limitations, so know what you have. Be prepared to provide vet paperwork, if necessary.  Properties will generally also require a separate pet deposit, in addition to the regular security deposit.  Rules and deposits are specific to each listing and the deposit amounts vary.

We hope that this information is of value to you. Prosper Properties believes in equal housing opportunities for everyone, and understands that every situation is unique. Each application process is different and will be evaluated by each of the criteria above, and possibly more. If you need a reliable Realtor to help assist you, or to clarify any of the information above, please call!

Image courtesy of Mark Moz

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July 1, 2017

Affordable and Fabulous in Texas: Living Large in Buda and Kyle

Central Texas continues to boom and that’s not likely to change any time soon. Thousands of people relocate here monthly from all over the country thanks to the natural beauty of the area, the stability of our diverse economy and our pleasant climate. Austin in particular has been the poster child of this surge in prosperity, but the overwhelming popularity of the city makes for interesting challenges as well. The crowds, the traffic, and the price tag make moving to the area, or remaining here, particularly challenging. As Austin development soars, so do the property values. Thankfully, Buda and Kyle, TX, are just a short southbound jaunt from Austin and they are both fantastic alternatives to their overpopulated and overpriced neighbor.

The Violet Crown: A Population Explosion

The entire Austin Metropolitan area is often in the news for being a top destination for people looking to relocate. The more desirable the area is, the more crowded and expensive everything becomes. As anyone who has tried to buy a house in Austin in the last few years knows, the housing market is chalk full of competition. It is not uncommon to see houses sell before they hit the market, multiple cash offers from out of state buyers, and homes selling for thousands more than the asking price. In fact, as Alicia Inns of local news source KXAN reports, the average home price in the city is currently nearly $400,000. This prices out many perspective homebuyers and makes the tax burden of neighboring properties unbearable, even driving long-term locals out of Travis County.

Making The Right Investment

Many clever homebuyers are looking to Hays County to settle down. Although it’s Austin that often gets the limelight in the news, all of the surrounding towns and counties are enjoying the boom as well. Just like Austin, the price of homes in Buda and Kyle are increasing every day, but they are still an affordable option and a wise investment. The average sales price of a home in Buda in 2017 is under $290,000, and Kyle is even more affordable with an average of $214,000. Just because they are less expensive, doesn’t mean these properties are less desirable- real estate in both Kyle and Buda boast fewer days on the market on average than Austin does. In Austin, the average days a home will sit on the market is 46. In Kyle, the average is 30 and in Buda the average is 45. The numbers don’t lie:

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

There are an abundance of beautiful real estate options available in Kyle and Buda, without the hassle and heartbreak of duking it out in Austin. Looking for a large Texas ranch home with lots of acreage? How about a delightful house in a well-established neighborhood? Interested in an immaculate home in a nicely manicured new development? The options are endless and the housing is reasonably priced. You don’t have to forgo your dreams of home ownership.

It’s time to team up with a great Realtor who can help you to partake in the abundance that living in Central Texas provides - without the hefty price tag.

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June 15, 2017

Crosswinds Subdivision in Kyle - A Breath of Fresh Air

Are you looking for a brand new, Master planned community, close enough to all of Austin’s activity, yet still with that small town feel that Kyle has to offer? Then Crosswinds might be what you have been desiring. Located just 20 miles south of Austin, on the East side of I-35, this community has a little something for everyone, and, at a starting price point in the low 200’s, it’s sure to get a lot of attention in this fast-paced, quickly growing, competitive Austin market!  

Crosswinds has carefully selected Austin’s TOP builders to bring their exceptional quality and unique craftsmanship to the community. Highland Homes, Meritage Homes and Pacesetter Homes are the selected builders for this exciting community. Lots will range from 40-50’ (Pacesetter), 50’ (Meritage), and 50-60’ (Highland Homes). Take your pick depending upon what your desires/budget allow for! There is something for everyone. Each builder offers their own distinct style and charm.

Now let’s explore a little about the layout of the community and the amenities it will offer! Crosswinds’ "thoughtful planning will allow preservation of natural beauty but also allow families to connect by creating a lifestyle that brings people together". This will be done through hiking/biking/walking trails throughout the community, as well as "creative play" open lawns, a full size sports court, a swimming pool complete with lap lanes, sunbathing shelves and a beach entry; tot pool with splash area, and shaded structures with seating. If you have kids, or grandkids, or are just a kid at heart, you are sure to love the amazing "perks" of this master planned community!

Crosswinds is part of Hays CISD a district that offers rigorous, dynamic instruction and is committed to teaching to the unique needs of each child. The energy-efficient and modern schools are optimal learning environments. The teachers and staff are caring and highly-qualified. Students have many specialized career programs to choose from and there is an elementary magnet school program for STEM classes. Both high schools have liberal arts and physical education included in the weekly rotation of classes. In this fast changing world of education, Hays CISD provides families the best in programs for each child.

The grade schools that feed into this subdivision are Pfluger Elementary (K-5), Science Hall Elementary (K-5), Chapa Middle School (6-8) and Lehman High School (9-12). Colleges located nearby are ACC Hays (Austin Community College), Texas State University, University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University and San Antonio College.

If this seems like a place you could call home, please reach out to one of our Prosper Properties agents today! We would love to help guide you through the new home build process! Our goal is to get the keys of your dream home into your hands so you can start living the lifestyle that Crosswinds has to offer!

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June 1, 2017

Why Is Now A Great Time To Sell?

homes for sale in buda texas

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Buda, TX real estate market has been on a rapid increase over the past several years. As more and more people move to the Buda and Kyle Texas area, demand is WAY up, while interest rates are still WAY down, historically. On top of this, used home inventory (especially homes in well-established neighborhoods with larger, open lots) are becoming harder and harder to find and increasingly desirable for those looking for that American dream of some "freedom" and "open space".

Here are several key items to think about before listing your home in this H-O-T Spring/Summer market:

Just because it is a seller’s market does NOT mean you want to overprice your home. Yes, you want and deserve top dollar, but buyers are very educated these days and do a lot of online research to compare prices, neighborhoods, upgrades, etc.  If your home is priced well above comparables in the neighborhood (even if you have all the bells and whistles), your home will sit on the market and then that will start to generate doubt in the minds of buyers as to why it is not selling. This is why it is SO important to work with an experienced, educated Buda Realtor that has extensive knowledge of the area you live. We will work hand in hand with you to educate you on the market activity in your neighborhood to get you priced RIGHT for a quick sale and, fingers crossed, a multiple offer situation!

Summer is the #1 time for buyers to move. They want to settle into their new home, get their children registered for their new schools, and explore their new neighborhoods while the days are long and summer activities are in full swing! Nothing is more exciting than meeting neighbors over BBQ’s, 4th of July gatherings, and kiddos playing outside until that gorgeous Texas sun sets.  Timing is everything, and it is crucial to get on the market before things start to slow down.

If you have been on the fence about selling, we encourage you to sit down with one of our Buda Realtors. They will show you comps, your potential net profit, etc.  Since home values in Buda and home values in Kyle are way up, you may be pleasantly surprised at just what your home is worth! And, with the highest amount of buyers in the market during these prime Spring/Summer months, you are sure to have the most eyes on your property right now. What’s holding you back? Now’s the time! Contact a Prosper Properties expert today.

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May 22, 2017

Is your house in the new Hays County floodplain?

FEMA has released preliminary maps for the floodplains in Hays County. Comments from the general public were accepted on May 5th and we are now in a 90-day appeal process where FEMA will accept scientifically produced appeals that technically show inaccuracies in the map. Once the appeal period is over, FEMA will begin preparing the final maps, which will take about 7-10 months.

How does this affect you, the homeowner? While deciding to appeal or not is up to you, we advise you to review the effective map (the map showing current floodplains) and the preliminary maps so you can see if your home is now considered inside a floodplain area. If it is, we strongly advise you to purchase flood insurance, if you have not already, before the rates skyrocket! See the links below for access to the maps. (interactive map) (PDF copies of preliminary maps)

Video below is footage from Kyle flooding in 2015

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April 19, 2017

Tips for Seniors: Have a Stress Free Moving Process

Many seniors are faced with a move whether they are leaving their longtime homes to downsize or are moving into an assisted living facility. The moving process is a stressful task for just about anyone, but moving at an age where one’s physical capabilities are not as they once were is even more challenging. Fortunately there are a few ways you can help your senior have a productive and stress-free move without all of the physical wear and tear. Here’s a few ways to make moving day a success!

Hire movers

Even if your senior seems to be in good health, having them participate in moving boxes can have negative effects on their body. Many seniors have limited mobility or brittle bones and grabbing the wrong box can lead to a trip to the hospital. To be on the safe side, it’s best to hire movers to assist in lifting boxes and moving furniture (don’t forget to shop around and compare rates).

The National Association of Senior Move Managers makes it easy for you to find skilled movers that specialize in the relocation of seniors. Their mission is to facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults and to promote the delivery of their services with compassion and integrity. The job of a Senior Move Manager is to assist with organizing, sorting and downsizing, as well as create a customized floor plan for the senior’s new home so that they will be able to visualize where their belongings will fit. They also pack up the old residence and unpack and set up the new home while letting the elder decide where they want to place their belongings. Making the decision to hire a Senior Move Manager is definitely a one-stop-shop approach to moving, but if you prefer a more hands on approach, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rallying up friends and family to assist with the move.

Be understanding during the packing process

For a senior, moving can be a very emotional process. Many of them do not like leaving behind what is comfortable and familiar so the abrupt change of surroundings can be met with some resistance. When you are helping your senior sort through old belongings, try to be compassionate and understanding about what they are going through. Reminisce with them as you go through their possessions and decide on what to keep and what to toss. Have a positive attitude while you are packing together to influence your senior to look forward to the great things their new home will offer. Support them when they feel anxious or sad, but always try to encourage excitement. Be sure to pack a suitcase with all of their immediate needs that will be easy for them to access on the first few days of living in their new home. This should include medications, toiletries, clothes and any other basic need. If your senior has any special equipment or mobility supplies, be sure to work with the movers or relatives to ensure that those items are easily accessible during the move.

Unpacking in the new home

The best way for your senior to transition into their new home with ease is to make their new place look and feel like home. Recognition is the most important factor when dealing with seniors so pull out a few of their favorite things and begin decorating the home in a way that they would appreciate. Keep in mind that the more familiar pieces that are in their view, the more happier they become. If they would like to help with decorating, allow them the freedom to arrange things however they would like and make sure their opinion is heard and valued. This will give them a sense of independence and it will make their adjustment into the new space less traumatic.

Even with all the physical and emotional stressors that come with moving, with preparation the process doesn't have to be a nuisance. Helping your elder transition into a new home can actually be a great bonding experience and provide you with fresh, new memories. Remember to be patient and kind as you help them get accustomed to this new phase of their journey!

Photo By Pixabay

Author: Jim Vogel

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